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New zine, better stuff

I recently finished up the last of the items that will make up Butch nor Femme #8. It’s been over eight months since my last zine came out, and those eight months have been, well…a lot. I have gotten a new job, been sick (but am doing better than I have been), had one of my cats get very sick and then get better, have gotten through one of the worst times of my life, and gone to Disney World with my partner.

Not in that order.

BnF #8 will include pieces about my health, makeup, street harassment, transit, and I was feeling pretty down about my writing, but I really like what I have. Hopefully, this means I’m on my way to writing more consistently.

In other zine news, I am working on another Disney review zine with Curiouser Jane. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what genres of Disney movies to include, but we’re already hard at work reviewing a ton of lovely and horrible movies.

In life news, I am a few months into my third 365 project. It’s going OK so far. I think it will help when spring gets here; if that ever happens. I am organizing all of my stuff and getting rid of things, which feels wonderful. I’m walking more and wanting to walk even more. I’m very happy to have the life I do.



On Thursday, Curiouser Jane and I will be headed east for DC Zine Fest this weekend. Of course it’ll be 102 degrees when we get there, but I expect nothing less when I travel. I haven’t been to DC in years and years, so it’ll definitely be nice to be a tourist for a few days. Our plans are to check out some of the many free museums, write and read in cafes, and eat yummy food. I’m looking forward to visiting with Jenna and hanging out with a bunch of Chicago zine folks, too.

In honor of DC (or, more truly, in honor of having a deadline because of DC), I’ll have a new zine. It’s Butch nor Femme #6 / Your Secretary #12. Jami and I have talked about doing a split before I ever wrote my first zine, so I’m excited to finally have this little zine out. And I do mean little: 32 pages, 1/8 size. I wrote about each of the 18 people I’ve kissed. I forgot four different people and had to rework the zine a few times after I thought it was done, but I think it came out well. Jami talks about writer’s block and reading tarot, along with some thoughts about a relationship that ended. I’ll post a picture once we have them put together, since we’re laying it out tonight, I’m printing out copies tomorrow during the day, and we’re putting them together tomorrow night.

Nothing like cutting it close, eh?

Being productive

My ridiculous work situation is calming down, so I took full advantage of my downtime today to work on a new zine. And guess what…it’s done. Well, at least everything but the cover is. To be fair, most of it consists of things I’ve written on Typetrigger, but I did format and edit all of that and write intro and thank-you sorts of things out. Plus, I printed out a bunch of copies. Whee!

I am hoping to work out what I want to do for the cover next week, since it will take more time than my usual covers. Maybe. It is possible that I will have a block-printed cover, depending on a few different variables. I’m also using different (hopefully nicer) paper for the cover. Good times all around. Depending on whether I’m super into it or bored of it, I might forgo stapling for another, more interesting binding. Maybe I’ll sew it. Hmm…

Chicago Zine Fest Plans

My job has been awful and busy and exhausting and blahblahblah for the past month or so, maybe longer. So, I’m taking a break to write about my plans for Chicago Zine Fest.

  • Jenna B. will be staying at my place, which should be fun.
  • I’m tabling with Curiouser Jane, which should also be fun.
  • We still need to buy fabric for our table and figure out how we want to display our zines, but I think that will be another fun thing.
  • I have printed out all the copies of the zines I have out so far. Woo hoo!
  • I still need to finish up my split (Butch nor Femme #3 for me) with Curiouser Jane. That needs to happen soon.
  • I’m thinking about putting together a small zine consisting of things I wrote on Typetrigger, hopefully involving a pretty cover.
  • I’ll be getting a tattoo from Alana, which I’m ridiculously excited about.

Overall, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty great time. Also, their Safer Spaces Policy makes me so, so happy to be participating this year.

Thinking about

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  • what might be in my PO box
  • impending hangouts
  • how to make sure a particular space is safe for me
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  • how happy I am that my partners are happier now than they were just a week ago
  • the postcard I’m gonna make tonight
  • Yarn School
  • getting my tarot cards read
  • stuff I’m expecting in the mail today (cat food and little notebooks)
  • stuff I’m expecting in the mail tomorrow (another little notebook and tiny magnets)
  • how I want to eat my lunch early
  • the giant hole in these tights
  • buying new tights
  • cuddling
  • the tattoo I want to get