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The moment that you (or at least I) have been waiting for is finally here…MY X-FILES ZINE IS DONE!

I have some copies up for purchase on my etsy shop.

I will also be selling copies at Chicago Zine Fest this weekend if you want to snag a copy there. Bonus for perzine writers: if you trade perzines with me, I will sell you this at half price. Either way, stop by and say hi!

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Chicago Zine Fest 2014

Well, Chicago Zine Fest was a really great, if overwhelming, time. I guess that’s how it usually goes, right? I shared a half table with Curiouser Jane and we were fortunate enough to sit next to Cindy Crabb (doris distro) and Molly Berkson (and 3rd language distro). So great.

The other reason I keep coming back is that so many people make it to this zine fest. Folks I only get to see once a year, if that, end up at CZF. I’ve been sort of out of the “zine scene” for the past year, and this was the perfect way to get back into it for me. Of course, the other great part was getting all of these zines!

CZF 2014 haul

I definitely have a lot of reading to do.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to buy my zines or trade. It was a pretty awesome day, even if I did have to take all of last night and today to recover. Introvert alert!

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Butch nor Femme #9 is done!

Butch nor Femme #9 cover

Finally, a new zine! If you want to know about some stuff I love (including Vivian Maier, Ravelry, and bowling), you should check this one out. And it’s only $1.00!

And if you happen to be downtown on Saturday (I hope you aren’t, since the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the worst thing ever.), I’ll be tabling at Chicago Zine Fest up on the 8th floor. Table 130!

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Butch nor Femme #8 now available!

Just wanted to post that Butch nor Femme #8 is finally available. Just check out my Etsy store.
Butch nor Femme #8 cover

Etsy updated

Just a quick post to say that my Etsy store is finally updated with copies of all of the zines that I am still putting out. That basically means with an e #1 through #3 and Butch nor Femme #1 through #7, with #8 on the way shortly. I’m gearing up for Chicago Zine Fest and finally getting my zine life back into some semblance of order and it feels pretty great. I’ll be tabling at CZF next month (8th floor!), but will probably only have BnF #8 as far as new writing. As always, I’m definitely up for (even) trades. See you there!