Two of Feathers / Swords

Two of Feathers / Swords
The Two of Feathers always screams of just getting shit taken care of and going through the motions. I can identify with that feeling of just needing to move forward to get through the situation. The person in this card is packing a box in a room that is otherwise all packed up (save the curtains, I suppose). While moving is always stressful on many levels (so many logistics to take care of, so many possessions to sort through, so many decisions–small and large—to make), this card reminds me specifically of post-breakup moves. I’ve been in that situation twice and it makes putting my head down and barrelling through the situation even more of a necessity. I feel like stopping (or even slowing down) will leave me completely overwhelmed and paralyzed.

hidden in a mass of stuff in a room

Self-portrait that reminds me of this card. I was so overwhelmed. Can you even find me?

The Collective Tarot says that this card shows a time “where you are not available to consult with, or share what is going on.” Much like the Ace of Feathers, this can go too far. While it’s important to take time to yourself when needed, boundaries and needs should be communicated to others instead of just disappearing. I tend to find comfort in making lists (and more lists…and lists of lists) when I have to tackle something so mentally and emotionally draining, and am the prototypical introvert who gets recharged by being alone.

Two of Feathers

Two of Feathers from the Collective Tarot: More than anything, this card is low contrast. Everything seems to blend together: the patterns on the walls and curtains, the skin of the person in the foreground, the dull pink, gray, and white tones. Nothing seems to be happening. Definitely not an action card.

However, completely going underground isn’t useful or necessary in most situations. For example, the last time I had to deal with a post-breakup apartment move, I tried to reach out to friends more instead of just relying on my lists. A particular time that stands out is hanging out with a friend in my tiny bedroom trying to get through part of the ninth season of The X-Files and ordering a vegan mac and cheese pizza that was literally the size of the top of my stove. Definitely an opposite feeling to what is displayed in this card.

Five knit dishcloths

I also knit 12 dishcloths in three weeks to get through that situation. Coping takes many forms.

This second cat we’re encountering seems secure and foolishly so. Instead of getting a good look at what is happening around it, it avoids acknowledging anything and plows ahead anyway. This echoes the message in the Collective Tarot about engaging more truthfully with what is going on and getting other people’s perspectives/assistance. It also shows how we may go avoid situations or addressing issues to protect ourselves from hurt (or from repeating past hurts). If this cat can’t see any threats, then how can it be hurt? Of course, we all know that doesn’t actually work, but avoiding being or even appearing vulnerable is a tactic I’m sure most of us have indulged in.

Two of Swords

Two of Swords from Tarot of Pagan Cats: A cat walks a tightrope strung across two swords while blindfolded. Its head and tail are high, showing confidence…or maybe indifference. It is nighttime and the moon is reflected in the water in the background.

While this isn’t a fun or happy card, I do find it to be a good check-in card for me. I’m the type of person who wants (and sometimes needs) to hide, but it can get out of hand quickly. The Two of Feathers shows me how I am comfortable coping with particularly stressful (especially emotionally stressful) situations, serving as a reminder to keep an eye on the degree to which I’m doing that.

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  1. Alyx says:

    This is some super helpful perspective on a card I often struggle to interpret!

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