Five of Feathers / Swords

Five of Feathers / Swords
Man, this suit is rough. The energy of the Five of Feathers is bizarre, but oddly understandable. While someone literally sewing feathers onto their skin may seem ridiculous, this person obviously isn’t doing this on the spur of the moment. The dead bird, feathers, thread, and needles are all laid out. There was a plan in place here. Why this started isn’t as important as why it is continuing. Clearly, this isn’t a good way to accomplish whatever this person initially wanted to accomplish, but they aren’t taking a step back to reconsider.

Five of Feathers

Five of Feathers from the Collective Tarot: Ugh. Very dark. A person sits at a table with the carcass of a dead bird, painstakingly sewing feathers from it into their own arm. There’s pain from this action, but apparently no sense that they should stop.

The Collective Tarot says this card is a reminder that you may be ignoring your heart, instead operating solely from a sense of what your principles are. While it’s important to think about what you believe is right, it is equally important to acknowledge what feels right. Following a plan blindly without checking to see whether it’s actually working (or healthy) isn’t a good idea. This may also show putting your own interests above those of others, doing what you think works best for you and you alone.
Five of Swords

Five of Swords from Tarot of the Pagan Cats: A black and white cat sits on five swords, but is looking up into a sparkly swirl that is overhead and surrounding it. The cat seems pleased with what is looking at, but is oblivious to anything else, including the swords. In the background there is a white cat on one side and a black cat on the other.

When looking at more traditional meanings, this card focuses on a conflict ending in defeat. I suppose the black and white cat has won some sort of fight against the other two cats, and its prize is the five swords. Not sure what a cat would do with one sword, let alone five, but here we are. Then again, I guess that could also refer to the victory here being hollow/pointless.
I’m sat at home today while the Women’s March here in Chicago is estimated to have had 250,000 people in attendance. (And been changed to being just a rally because marching wouldn’t be safe.) Given where we seem to be in this country right now, I think we can see what a hollow/pointless victory looks like. I mean, seriously: what’s the point of a politician focusing their energy on taking away people’s rights? Who wins? What does the politician gain? For those of us who see that we actually are all in this together and that we don’t need to push others down to raise ourselves up, compassion is more important than ever. I think it’s a good idea for us all to take a look at the large and small decisions we make to see whether those actions are destructive to others. It’s time to reach out and help; we can’t afford to be selfish. We need to do better than what we’ve been comfortable with, and better than what our government currently looks like.
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