Six of Feathers / Swords

Six of Feathers / Swords
Took an unscheduled hiatus from this project, but I’m back. This is a pretty good card to return with. The Feathers are a hard suit, but this isn’t a negative/difficult card. While I can see the potential “bad idea” aspect of the Six of Feathers, I normally see this as a good omen type of card. I am very much a look (and plan and plan some more) before you leap kind of person, so I tend to look at this card as a push to take action or change things up.

Six of Feathers

Six of Feathers from the Collective Tarot: A person stands at a precipice, arms raised, with handmade wings strapped around their torso. There are black cards above, but the sky is bright straight ahead. They look to be stepping off the edge to join the birds flying off into the distance.

In the Collective Tarot, this card encourages us to find a way to get a new perspective. It’s time to step back or around or over or under or away to gain some clarity on a situation or our lives in general. Travel is one great way to do that, but even taking a different way to work or wandering around a different neighborhood may provide new insights. Change up your usual routine.

Six of Swords

Six of Swords from Tarot of the Pagan Cats: An orange cat pulls a wooden cart with a gray cat and yellowish kitten. They are crossing a stone bridge over a tumultuous seat, heading toward land in the distance. They are accompanied by six swords stuck point-down into the cart. The cat pulling the cart is looking ahead to the destination, while the gray cat looks back over its shoulder, a bit fearful, either of leaving or of what might be following them. The kitten simply stares passively at the viewer, seemingly nonplussed.

Rachel Pollack describes this card as showing “a quiet passage through a difficult time.” Once again, physical travel is a possible message, but it may also just depict some transition in our lives (and an easy one at that). There’s something going on, either a long-term issue or something that just popped up, but it’s not the end of the world or that stressful. In that way, this particular card is marking a more mundane happening in our lives.

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