Eight of Feathers / Swords

Eight of Feathers / Swords

Have I mentioned that this suit is a bummer? When a long-term romantic/sexual relationship was imploding right around the time I started delving seriously into tarot, the Eight of Feathers kept coming up again. And again. And again. It seemed appropriate then and is even more so in hindsight.

Eight of Feathers

Eight of Feathers from the Collective Tarot: Dark, dark dark. A person is bound with a blindfold over their eyes. Eight feathers drift down in front of them.

It’s hard for me to see this card as showing something that is at all self-imposed, but the Collective Tarot says that it is, even if it seems like the situation has been created by another. It states that “it is unlikely that you see yourself as irresponsible, often it feels most responsible to just look out for everyone else or not bring up uncomfortable concerns or boundaries.” Well, holy shit. That pretty much explains a lot of one of my past relationships, so it makes sense that I kept drawing this card once it had ended. Even if I felt stuck or constrained, I had the ability to make decisions. The fact that I opted not to doesn’t mean that the opportunity wasn’t there.

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords from Tarot of the Pagan Cats: A cat stands perched in a tree above eight swords that are stuck into the ground.

This cat could be a lot less wary if it focused on getting the blindfold off instead of creeping slowly down the tree and either just waiting there for some clue or jumping down blindly and getting hurt. There’s a way down that won’t lead to injury, but the cat needs to see it to take advantage of it.

How do we avoid dealing with things? What are our excuses: I don’t have all the information; I’m not sure how the other person feels? Couldn’t we gather this information or ask people what they think/how they feel? Really, why don’t we just do that? Are we afraid of what the answers will be? Are we afraid of having to make a decision at all?

Or, are we avoiding any input because we’d want to go with the choice we’ve already decided on? If that decision is wrong or unhealthy or hurts others, then we can say, “I didn’t know” or “That wasn’t my intent,” In either case, we are choosing to avoid any real responsibility for the situation we are in.

This card is telling us that it’s time to be an adult and joyfully claim that responsibility. Get it together and face the hard stuff because ultimately you are the one who is responsibility, even if you’re choosing to pretend to be the victim of circumstance.

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