Artist of Feathers / Queen of Swords

Artist of Feathers / Queen of Swords

The court cards are hard. What else is there to say?

Artist of Feathers

Artist of Feathers from the Collective Tarot: A person/bird-type creature plays a violin. They look like they are thinking deeply.

The Artist has mastered the ability to speak their truth, tell a story, or create something beautiful out of their experiences, even the not-so-great ones. The Collective Tarot describes this as “singing what comes out.” This seems more emotional than the traditional view of this card, but I wonder if this card is showing how you can talk about and share your experiences without having a tornado of emotions take over.

Years ago, my best friend’s fianc√© died suddenly. We were around 30 (and he was even younger), so it was a shock. There were the three days in the hospital with progressively worse and worse news from the doctor, an unbelievably obnoxious grief counselor, and the fact that the hospital we were at took care of a combination of minor shit (orthopedic surgeries) and major shit (brain stuff). I was about to go through my own little hell a few months later, but a lot of my energy was focused on helping my friend out. Maybe six to nine months later, we went out for lunch with a couple of friends of mine. We started telling the story of what happened (the hospital, calling vendors to cancel wedding stuff, going to the jewelry store to pay the balance on the wedding bands and pick them up so that he could be buried in his)…and we were laughing. Not boisterously or anything, but definitely laughing. It was surreal (and freaked out my friends), but it was the first time either of us had been able to talk about anything related to that event without feeling completely overwhelmed.

That’s what this card says to me. There are lessons to be learned in traumatic, or even just difficult, events, but it’s hard to figure that out when you’re in it. Getting a bit of distance and being able to look at things dispassionately is a great feeling. This card takes that and shows someone who has gotten to that point and moved beyond it to sharing what they can about their experiences.

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords from Tarot of the Pagan Cats: A cat sits calmly with a sword in front of it. Butterflies surround the sword. Birds fly far above while a fuzzy owl looks toward the viewer in the foreground.

Anyway…the traditional view is of an independent, logical person (or specifically a woman, but who really buys into the gender binary anymore?). The card reminds of the Emperor (my soul and birth card) in its removed, calm, competent bearing. The queen is anti-emotion in many ways; they want you to calm the fuck down and look at things from a distance to come up with a good answer for yourself. It is also a reminder to be direct and avoid talking around things.

And in keeping with the Queen’s desire to be forthright, I’m going to end this right here.

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